Jokes, pranks, blondes and banter: recontextualising sexism in the British print press

Attenborough, F. (2013) Jokes, pranks, blondes and banter: recontextualising sexism in the British print press. Journal of Gender Studies, 23 (2). pp. 137-154. ISSN 0958-9236

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This article examines how media texts that take sexism as their topic can be analysed for the ways in which they present what does (or does not) constitute sexism in the particular event being reported upon. To do so, it treats any such text as a ‘recontextualisation’. This concept, drawn from the field of critical discourse analysis, suggests that for an incident of sexism to be reported in any media text is also for that incident to be recontextualised in and through the linguistic, visual and graphological choices of that text's author. To catch this process of recontextualisation in-flight, the article studies video footage of an incident from the world of English Premier League football in which the actions of two television presenters precipitated various complaints of sexism. A discursive analysis of newspaper reports about that incident reveals the textual practices through which the presenters' actions were recontextualised such that their status precisely as ‘sexist actions’ was readably downgraded, mitigated or even deleted. The article ends with a discussion of how an analysis of the media's practices for recontextualising incidents of sexism contributes to the project of a specifically feminist media studies.

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