La conoscibilità di Dio nel Commento ai Nomi Divini

Curiello, G. (2015) La conoscibilità di Dio nel Commento ai Nomi Divini. Divus Thomas, 118 (1). pp. 57-79. ISSN 0012-4257

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The paper is divided into two parts. First, the author describes the historical context in which Aquinas drafted his commentary on pseudo-Dionysius. The author suggests that the commentary may have been written during Aquinas’s stay in Rome (1265-1267/8), i.e. when Aquinas was writing Summa Theol. Ia, qu. 12, a question on divine names. The second section of the paper focuses on Aquinas’s claims concerning one’s capacity of knowing God. After having expounded the limits of the human capacity of knowing God, the author expounds on the via remotionis and eminentiae, and on the via causalitatis – the three methods for grasping something of God. The author observes that Aquinas was not eager to agree with pseudo-Dionysius’s agnosticism – and this may be a consequence of the 1241 condemnation of the thesis, according to which the blessed in heaven do not see God’s essence.

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