A biomass energy flow chart for Fiji

Hemstock, S.L. and Chandra, V.V. (2015) A biomass energy flow chart for Fiji. Biomass and Bioenergy, 72. ISSN 0961-953

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Terrestrial above ground biomass production and utilization was analyzed for Fiji for the years 2003–2012. The total production of biomass was estimated to be 72.67 PJ of which 24% is from food, 44% of agricultural residues, 10% dung and 22% from forestry. Of the 72.67 PJ biomass produced only 11% was used as fuel, 12% as industrial wood and 24% as food. The unutilized biomass resulted into a loss of 38.5 PJ of energy (44 GJ per capita or 2.56 Mt of wood equivalent) which is 53% of the total biomass theoretically produced. Scrutiny of the availability and use of biomass resources is important if biomass energy is to be used on a sustainable basis. Lack of detailed literature in this area in Fiji potentially opens a path for further detailed studies to understand the full contribution of biomass to future sustainable energy supply.

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